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Global Association for the Blind Handicapped and Destitute Trust

If we look around us, we will find that phisically handicapped are considered by their parents as mistake of a sin committed in the past.They bring them up depairingly. They do not have any idea about the future of handicapped childrens and their mind become uncertain as to, whether they are lacking something.

Those handicapped persons are not getting jobs representative depending upon others and ultimately living a life in distressful manner and of beggaing before others. They do not have a status in the society. Nobody is paying attention at them. Society at large looks at them as burden. Similarly most handicapped person have their family. They become frustrated in their life and ultimately knock thanks the door of handicapped institution for help..

Those who are helpless and teased and one who treats them as his own and share their grief and sorrow and enlighten their life by knowing their genuine problem and solve them as their own. "GLOBAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND HANDICAPPED & DISTITUTE" have undertaken a task of services to towards the well being of handicapped persons..

"GLOBAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND HANDICAPPED & DESTITUTE" is found for fighting just right demand and making aware of other physically handicapped persons the cocessions available to them an changing the attitute of society towards them and to give them status in the society. This upliftment and rehabilitation is possible only through uniting all physically handicapped persons together..

It is duty of everybody to give support to all this welfare programs of handicapped and therefore it is essential to become a member and contribute to the cause of "GLOBAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND HANDICAPPED & DESTITUTE TRUST".

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